Santos BonacciSantos Bonacci is one of many disinformation agents running around promoting sun worship and the condemnation of Christianity. His work includes an old trick used by the now debunked ‘Zeitgeist’ film, claiming that the Holy Bible is an astro-theological hybrid, a fancy term which means it is a metaphorical story, chronicling the journey our beloved Sun takes along the constellations of our solar system throughout the year.

A website called The Zeitgeist Challenge has, since October 2010, been offering $1000 to anyone who claims they can prove anything mentioned in the entire first part of the first Zeitgeist movie about religion. Nobody has come forward. No other film has claimed such nonsense, but here to revive an old idea, in hopes of appearing credible using a whiteboard and a vivid memory, is Santos Bonacci.

He claims that when we nod our heads to say yes, it is because the sun rises and sets. He claims that anybody whose name starts with “Ra” like Randy, Raphael or Rachel, is in reference to the sun. He believes that the word hour comes from the name Horus, and that when we ask “What hour is it?” (which nobody asks, we ask what time it is) it comes from asking where Horus is in the sky.

FUN FACT: Etymology, the study of the origin of words, tells us that hour comes from the old-french word “hore” which means ‘one-twelfth of a day’, and “hore” comes from the Latin word “hora” which means season or time, and the Greek word “hora” which means any limited time. More on the etymology of the word hour here. It would be worth using that website to look up the rest of his ridiculous claims about the origin of popular words. They are simply not true. I could make up a story linking the word yogurt to yogis and the yo-yo, but the fact is there’s only 26 letters in the alphabet, with only 6 vowels to choose from in most cases. There will be similarities.

Disinformation agents utilize bits of truth to rope the viewer in so that you trust the person giving you the information. Once they have your trust, they insert lies, and many of them, hoping you will not do the background work to verify the claims, because you now trust that you are hearing the truth, leaving you misinformed and chasing down a rabbit hole that leads to no where. These disinformation agents are also called “gatekeepers” by many truth seekers, guarding the real truth from those who search for it using lies and distractions.

You may be wondering how I know Santos Bonacci is a disinformation agent. Other than the fact that he takes truths from Vedic Astrology which comes from Hinduism and mixes them with falsehoods perpetuated by the Zeitgeist films, he cites one of his idols as being Manly P. Hall. This is key. Manly P. Hall was a 33rd degree Freemason, which means he was Luciferian. Whether Satan exists or not is irrelevant. Do you want a Luciferian teaching you what to believe?

The day has come when Fellow Craftsman must know and apply their knowledge.  The lost key to their grade is the mastery of emotion , which places the energy of the universe at their disposal.  Man can only expect to be entrusted with great power by proving his ability to use it constructively and selflessly.  When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft.  The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.  He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a plowshare.

[Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree, K.T., The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff , Forward by Reynold E. Blight, 33rd Degree, K.T., Illustrations by J. Augustus Knapp, 32nd Degree, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, p. 48; Emphasis Added]

Bonacci quotes other Luciferians in his lectures as well, including Michael Tsarion, who has been debunked. Tsarion is also friends with Jordan Maxwell, who is a Freemason, and an actor who also played Bill Cooper. More on that here, here and here. Bonacci also recommends you read books by Jordan Maxwell. In fact, most of his book recommendations are of an anti-Christian nature that attempts to blame religion for the problems of the world.

Nobody is refuting the fact that organized religion has seen its dark days… but so has organized culture. America, anybody? Do we condemn organized culture too? No, we condemn those who make the choice to kill their fellow man in the name of organized culture, or in the name of God. You cannot blame a thing, just like you cannot have a war on terror, because the battle will never be won and you will get no where. Those of you who “hate” Christianity are not seeing the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is not that you must believe in Jesus, but that hatred toward a thing will not make it go away, it will only cause further division among the people.

I am not a Christian, nor am I religious by any stretch of the imagination, however I do believe in God, and I do believe that when you have faith in a creator you are less apathetic. Studies have shown that people with faith in a creator are less stressed out. The agenda of these disinformation agents, including Santos Bonacci, is clear: Strip people of their faith (especially Christians, it seems) so that they become apathetic, spread Luciferian beliefs and mask them as “new-age” to rope free thinkers and others in to the one-world religion to bring people together for the new world order. I will post an article about how they plan to create this new world order very shortly with the Luciferian agenda included, but for now just know that this man is spreading disinformation as a gatekeeper of the truth.

EDIT: If you want more information, look up sun worship and luciferianism. If you are still a Santos Bonacci fan, have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why does Santos Bonacci care so much about what everyone else thinks about Christianity and astrotheology?” It’s as simple as that. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t prove himself to be correct, he can just talk everyone into believing what he says until they do. And that’s what he’s currently doing. All it takes is some real research on what he’s saying and you will see what I mean.

  1. Shen says:

    For not being Christian you seem to have some prejudice against Luciferians. How about instead of saying they are evil, you provide half the amount of sources as Tsarion, Bonacci and Maxwell that counter their arguments and prove your point.(No one Manly P Hall quote doesnt count. Also please define Lucifer, before implying the Christian version is what he is referring too) They comprise half of their presentations off other peoples work mainly Gerald Massey and use a number of quotes. I dont see how this takes away from anyone’s faith unless they are already very weak minded to start with. You dont really Debunk anything here you just say they are “bad” and spreading Luciferianism when you probably have no clue what that even means. If you actually would watch their presentations they point out what true Luciferianism is and how it has infiltrated many religions , guess you skipped that part. The true dis-info agents are the ones that spread their opinions with nothing to back it up like you. “If you dislike extremists who ironically divide and conquer because of religion, by all means, name somebody and fight your battle, but don’t wage a war on a thing just because it gives you something to blame.” If providing a number of published books to logically and historically refute a story that seems illogical and resulted in the deaths of MILLIONS is waging war, then I dont know what civilized debate and alternative theories are.

    • “For not being Christian you seem to have some prejudice against Luciferians.” – I have a prejudice against people who try to indoctrinate weak minds into a belief system that is completely religious, masking it as science. If Luciferians have to hide behind new-age pseudo-science and will not admit that Luciferianism is the worship of Satan before his fall, then yes, that is a deceptive, unfriendly act and you should call it a religion.

      I wouldn’t have written this article if I haven’t seen every stupid video Santos Bonacci puts out. I’m an educated writer, thank you very much.

      Santos Bonacci is most CERTAINLY prejudice against Christians, so I’m not sure where your bias is here since you will stand up for someone who ironically holds a deep prejudice against Christianity, which he openly expresses in his videos, to the point where audience members have to stop his talk, and ask him “Do you hate all Christians?” … If he’s unbiased and just reporting facts, he shouldn’t have to be asked that.

      Before you’re so quick to hate on Christianity as apparently it has killed *millions*, know what YOU are talking about, because clearly you’re speaking in a biased defense of luciferianism, when it was EXTREMIST MEN who killed in the name of religion.

      You forget the other side of the coin on that argument as well… “millions” have died as a result of BEING Christian and READING the Bible also. “Christianity has resulted in the death of millions” is a really old and lame cop out considering how many people Christianity has saved from a poisonous life. The bible has yet to be scientifically, historically or otherwise disproved. On top of that the last 400 years has done nothing but prove the Bible to have been correct. The only “discovery” that challenges it is Evolution which is a flawed religion anyway. THE ONLY THING Anti-Christians have to say about the Bible and why it’s wrong is that it has killed millions, which is an exaggerated and magnified point in history that does not exist today whatsoever EVEN THOUGH roughly one third the world is Christian. So pointing out Christianity’s dark days is useless to any good argument.

      Extremist Catholics working out of their own human logic killed “millions” of people, if you study history, as correct as it may be. America over the years has killed millions as well. Should we hate America and make white-board presentations on why America is poisonous? Of course not.

      The quote from Manly P. Hall is exceptionally vivid in describing his relationship to Lucifer. So the ONE quote is very appropriate thank you very much considering Manly P. Hall is one of the fathers of the new age movement. If Santos Bonacci claims his idol is Manly P. Hall, then we have a problem.

      Have you read the Bible? I’ll assume not since you’re so aggressively defensive. Do you know why Biblical scholars exist?? It’s not to make themselves look like they’re doing something with their lives, it is because the validity of the Bible has stood the test of time. Nothing in that book is hateful. Nothing in that book tells you to kill your fellow man. Anybody who is trying to bring down Christianity or break down the Christian belief system has an agenda, because that doctrine is based on love. I’m not talking about organized religion and what man has done to the Bible, I’m talking about the King James Bible taken literally and those who follow what it says. They are not hurting a soul, so to attack a traditional belief system is absolutely useless.

      The fact that you called the Bible a “story” shows you have not done any real research. The Bible is a collection of scripts and texts translated from Hebrew and Greek to English, texts which span over 1000 years, across every continent on the planet… yet they coincide with one another and validate each other’s claims.

      I think before you come on my website and try to discredit me because you don’t like what I’m writing about, you should educate yourself on the topic. I write articles that I KNOW are true because I do the research. If it makes you angry, I’m sorry, but you need to research your new-age friends.

      • Giddyuplike says:

        Wasn’t the bible written by the very Luciferians your referring to? The Babylonian powers, who are in fact the original makers of the book? I can’t say I know the bible well. The bible may not be evil, and it may not be good, but compassion should always superceed religion, any religion. Christianity has caused more hurt than progress and I think its time to move on into a world which blends both spirituality and science into one with a grounded sense of advancement inwardly and outwardly. Dependency on religions to keep the peace is a frightening concept to put out there. An informed public will make better choices than a public governed by religious beliefs. Religions will eventually fizzle out into a more informed, more loving world where god will be understood by the individuals inner experience rather than the teachings of another. Your main interests are to defend or attack and It’s clear to see upset in your words but it may be time for you to bring scientific and historic concepts into what your saying. Santos has stated a lot of truth in his teachings, and does not promote sun “worship” he states that the sun is of great importance, which gives us our life force in our food and everything and its the same force which gives us our sexual energy to raise towards Christ Conciousness. The Gnostics teach this also. The may be all evil to you. But everything has the capability to be evil if used the wrong way. Jesus would not have wanted us to worship Christianity. He was a beacon like many before him to lead the way to inner development.

      • “Wasn’t the bible written by the very Luciferians your referring to?” That is a very misguided idea, with no historical support. Luciferians did not write the Bible.

        If you don’t know the Bible, I would study its history. You can hear all you want about it, but you will never truly know what’s in there until you read.

        “he states that the sun is of great importance, which gives us our life force in our food and everything and its the same force which gives us our sexual energy to raise towards Christ Conciousness.”

        You are demonstrating one of the half-truths that disinformation agents give. So, he isn’t promoting sun worship, but he tells you that the sun gives you your sexual energy to raise toward Christ consciousness… Where is the science to verify that? It doesn’t exist. You will only find that belief in the new-age department because it has to do with sun worship. Sun worshippers give credit to the sun for many things, not just sexual energy and they “harness” the energy of the sun to make different things happen. They are leading you into sun worship, subtly though, so you don’t think you’re worshipping the sun. While the sun obviously plays a part in photosynthesis, the sun is not a God that can give life on its own. Many factors assist the sun in producing life. Without it of course, we would not exist. However, without the Earth we would not exist either.

        “Christianity has caused more hurt than progress” Where? When? Show me. Tell me. 2.5 billion people are Christians right now. Do you see Christianity at the forefront of violent crime and hatred? Absolutely not. What we have are a group of people doing seminars that TELL you Christianity has caused more hurt than progress, but it doesn’t make it true. There is absolutely no validity to that fact, other than a few exceptions over a thousand years ago. And it wasn’t Christianity that caused the hurt, it was man’s abuse of what he was taught.

        “Moving on into a new world” is exactly what the disinformationists want. They want you to forget about the world you live in. Forget what you know, and open up to something NEW… Let me tell you something about that. The old way was working just fine. They want you to believe it doesn’t work. What’s really going on, is that the people in charge of the system we live in, actually change the context that Christianity exists in… and by that I mean, we essentially live in an anti-Christian environment, induced by those who are instigating a revolution, to give the ILLUSION that things are “changing” so that we all adopt a neo-Satanist religion called the new age movement.

        Now, to be clear, we can look at religions as a whole, but that is not useful. You can group them together, and I would agree with you that RELIGION is not beneficial at all. The way churches are is clearly not the way it was intended to be. However, reading the Bible for yourself, and following what it says is not hurting anyone. The teachings of the Bible remain morally in line with our internal concept of morality. The stories in the Bible as well as many prophecies are VERY relevant to today and in fact many of the prophecies very clearly describe the current state of affairs. So to say that religion will fizzle out, I would agree with you. But a book as timeless as the Bible will not fizzle out, simply because it is too relevant. The mainstream media and the elite will try to make it go away, but again, 2.5 billion Christians exist for a reason. Christianity is relevant, and so is the Bible. Don’t fall for that conditioning.

        Jesus Christ was not a beacon like many before him. He was leading the way to inner development as you’ve said, but Jesus was the son of God, born of a virgin. People like Santos Bonacci try to rewrite the historical record of Jesus, claiming he’s the sun. Now that’s all fine and dandy, you can believe that people told elaborate myths about the stars over a thousand years if you want… but it doesn’t follow the historical record of the Bible, and it has never been a challenge that the Bible has faced… There is no proof of it anywhere, and any claims to the contrary are contrived and have no valid source to back them up. The reason I know this is because the Bible was WRITTEN as a HISTORICAL RECORD.. a literal recounting. And there were thousands of manuscripts written over thousands of years apart, over 7 continents, by folks of varying wealth and place in society, kings, servants, peasants, etc. What Santos Bonacci tries to say is that the Bible is a story from the stars… If that is true, why doesn’t the Bible ACTUALLY follow the stars? Santos Bonacci is riding on the fact that you won’t actually open up the Bible to read it, but just listen to him instead since he knows what he’s talking about… But anyone who’s read the Bible will tell you that those arguments go no further than new-age novels and seminars like Santos Bonacci’s… because they have no historical relevance. They simply aren’t true. They’re lies, to get you to believe in a Luciferian agenda while thinking you’re believing in something more “open-minded” (which… how open-minded can you be, simply listening to whatever this man says and believing what he says to be true simply because he says Jesus was the sun… And Jesus being the SUN, talk about SUN WORSHIP… anyway)

        And THIS is my point. Are we a generation that is simply going to listen to what good speakers tell us because it sounds appealing and less dull than our current lives? Or will we base our beliefs on credible information derived from scientific research and historical record that can be verified? We need to stop gulping up everything that’s thrown at us just because it sounds good. Because if you do a little research, you’d be horrified to realize that it’s all just Luciferianism sprinkled in fairie dust. And you would realize that even more if you actually read the book you’re complaining about.

    • I agree you sound like a religious nut…kinda sorta.

      The bible is real, as is my dictionary sitting beside it, and the constellations and planets are real. Its not imagined. Go outside tonight and look up. Get an iPhone and download a constellation map to help guide you. At best they will help you navigate and tell time. If you believe in a deeper connection then it may affect you too.

      The SUN is the center of our galaxy not YOU. Its story dwarfs you. Without the sun your beliefs don’t matter. I agree with santos that the sun is gods, not mankind’s. I prefer sunlight to artificial light, always. The sun formed the earth. The sun gives energy to all life. Do I worship and pray to the sun, no, the sun has given me enough. I am black and the sun does not kill me. Maybe your unhealthy relationship with the sun comes from some deep rooted fear of it, but I have all respect and love for it without conflicting that somehow with god.

      What is your concept of GOD. Is it some “personality” like yours, if so he’s probably just as self centered and not concerned with you. Gladly I have a different concept of god and it doesn’t place me solely at the center of the universe. I don’t place myself above things that are clearly above me and is the sole food source for all the wonderful plants that i and other animals survive on. The meat you eat, eats plants and those plants need the sun for everything. You don’t have to believe in the laws of the universe as they universally apply to you without your consent. You probably don’t understand what santos bonacci is talking about, so your opinions are baseless and self serving at best.

  2. Spiney Norman says:

    I think you’re full of shit. The truth lies somewhere in between all of those guys you mention above and not in out and out obsessing about their sources valid or not in your eyes…..

    • By that logic, you will believe anything anyone tells you no matter where that information comes from. How someone speaks can make them sound credible, but its the words they use and where they get their information that counts, otherwise you’d be living a fantasy. Disinformation agents mix truth and lies, which is why anyone who does what I do has to sift through the lies to get to the truth. Most people aren’t aware of where these lies are coming from and they’re likely to believe them simply because they sound credible, so I track their sources. Call it obsession, but it’s more informative than half-truths, and some of us care if we’re being led into a religion that we don’t want to partake in.

      • Breitling says:

        I am with you Commonlyknownassryan, Our Father in heaven is real, Jesus Christ is real and so is the geneology of the bible, it is all real, real people. I dont belong to a church but I have been doing geneology for 20 years. allot of people can trace all the way back to REAL PEOPLE who this Santos Bonacci, states it is not real but all in the stars. DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY you may be suprised.

  3. Lori McCoin says:

    Good job. Thanks.

  4. the MAN is a woman says:

    excellent work aryan.santos is doing a lot of damage to good people with his sweet speaches that appeal to peoples vanity.they are nothing more than the same disinformation that the gnostics tried to spread in the early church,gnostics who were backed by the elites then,as they are now.

    saint paul called it ‘falsely so called gnosis’.the word had the equivalent of ditto marks around it even back then.the father of the gnostics was simon magus,who was endorsed by the state (they even put up a statue of him) and tried to purchase the holy ghost with money.

    santos even has the audacity to claim that it was the gnostics that were slaughtered by nero and the roman state,when the gnostic texts themselves ridicule the orthodox christians for willingly dying for their beliefs when they could have just lied themselves out of trouble.if they had of lied and not been martyred their faith would not have had the effect on people that it did,contributing to the massive conversions that happened at the time.

    his hatred of christians seems to stem from equating christianity with judeao-christianity (i have yet to hear him even use the word) which either shows a serious lack of research,or willful deception.he seems to labour under the delusion that christianity is either evangelicals,or roman catholics,with not one mention of the orthodox church in his talks,or their battles to protect the church from khazar influence.

    anyone that actually bothers to do the research themselves will find what he says to be false,but sadly there are many who have just switched from having faith in the mainstream media to having faith in the alternative media,instead of actually researching the sources for themselves.

    thankyou for your article,i hope anyone who is falling for santos doctrine of ‘do as you please’ reads it and does the research for themselves.

  5. wantingthe truth says:

    You’re so right about Bonacci. I wrote to him slightly criticising him about things he wrote and I received a totally abusive rant in response. He went crazy with anger swearing and insulting to an insane degree, completely over the top. I told him he was a spiritual fraud, satanic, with a massively inflated ego. Wise people should keep well clear. You have been warned.

    • humblewoman says:

      Hello wanting the truth,
      Could you please post a copy of the letter you wrote to Santos and also the letter of his abusive rant so you can enlighten all who are be lead astray from the truth?


  6. Foppo says:

    Interesting article to read.I don’t know anything about Bonacci I have seen some of his video’s also Jordan Maxwell David Icke etc.Who can we believe?I think you are wrong about Bill Cooper and Maxwell similair types yes but not the same people.There is something wrong on this planet regarding peoples behaviour towards each other.I don’t care if anybody is Christian Moslim or any form of religion they want to believe.What I find hyprocritical is the blessing of God to go to war and cause mayhem.Who is this God who wants all this misery for certain people on this planet?Not the God I want to believe in.This system is not working anymore It is for some people but for the majority of us live shouldn’t be a struggle.Here in the west we throw more food in the bin that some people recieve to eat.Which is sinfull.Our society of more and more is not healthy people used to communicate with each other now its’ the television with its misinformation or the computer with people you never meet.I don’t want to see children anymore in a war situation or starving we all should be more responsible and speak up for this to stop.Don’t go to your church or temple on a sunday and forget what we are all here for.Just my thoughts on this subject.

  7. rat says:

    OK I agree about Santos. he’s deluded. But William Cooper is not Jordan Maxell. That’s total BS and an insult to the memory of Bill.

  8. Sir Steve says:

    I am new to the whole Freeman Movement (about a year into it) and even I could tell this guy was bullshit. I wasted 2 hours of my time on youtube watching him promote Zeitgeist, as well as Frank O’Collins (a known “One World-er” – NWO type.

    The biggest “tell” for me was that on YT, on all of his videos, the comments section was shut down. SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!! So, as I watched, every place I wanted to write a comment I had to stop and ask myself, “why doesn’t he want comments?”. The answer came to me … just like Al Gore saying about Global Warming, “the time for debate is over” … this is what he was doing by shutting down the comments !!!

  9. Sam Hanson says:

    Bonacci makes some pretty fantastic etymological leaps, for sure. He also speaks in absolutes, which bugs the hell out me. True scholars will always qualify their statements with terms like, “suggest,” and so on, leaving the door open to further debate or discovery. Further, the prick is completely full of himself, and appears to taylor his lectures around his personal sun sign of Aries. Having said that, there is much useful information to be gleaned from his material if one can stomach the ego-centered nature of his talks.

  10. “A website called The Zeitgeist Challenge has, since October 2010, been offering $1000 to anyone who claims they can prove anything mentioned in the entire first part of the first Zeitgeist movie about religion.”

    I have prove many things wrong with the Zeitgeist movies and the Venus Project. All my emails to Peter Joseph and his promoters remained unanswered, but to say that we cannot prove at least some of the things said in Seitgeist 1 is absurd.

    As for Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Christopher Everard, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot), Bill Ryan (Project Avalon), David Icke although we can prove the flaws, we cannot say that everything they say is wrong. As for Christopher Everard who is the most credible of them all, I heard him say lately that Zyklon-B was used to kill people. This is utterly wrong.

  11. creeped out says:

    I’ve a friend who absolutely loves this guy, and it’s concerning me. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in viewing this guy as a disinformer. I’m not well versed in the subjects which he discusses but I did notice the way in which he strings words and meanings together which just seemed “off”, so I’m glad you made mention of it. I just hope I can get my friend to see Bonacci’s faults…
    PS. good article

  12. Sam Hanson says:

    The other observation I’d make is that learned people from any discipline or tradition (especially Astrology) do not run in the same circles as Santos. His platform is more a cult-of-personality projection than anything else. He does inject some truth in his talks, but just enough to appeal to people who don’t know any better, and are just starting to question the status quo but don’t have the academic background to know a spin doctor when they see one. If they’re not careful, they’ll stay stuck in the same frame of ignorance they claim to despise. Listen to his lectures. He does nothing but rehash the same tired rhetoric. Just finished watching his latest piece of garbage: Syncretism-The Magnus Opus. Are you shitting me? What kind of inflated ego includes jargon like “magnum opus” in some half baked, low budget youtube video? There’s nothing new here. And don’t even think about offering a little friendly criticism on his Facebook page. You can’t. It’s closed to comments, as are his offerings on his mirror youtube site.

  13. I’m tired of people that serve the other side of the same coin of dogma and conformity. You know what? I don’t care if Jesus existed, I don’t give a shit about Lucifer, Satan or God. It’s all a form of schizophrenia that disconnects people from the true faith in our own consciousness and from living in the moment of NOW. Why do we need to have faith in something other than ourselves and all our other fellow humans? Why do we HAVE to cling to some entity or another?

    I find it utterly retarded that you try to defend one religion by blaming another because it encourages Sun worship, where the first is based on worshiping some imaginary entity. So no one person can worship the Sun because the Bible said so? I call bullshit on that. At least the Sun is there and its effects on our planet can be seen directly. I’m not saying it should be worshiped, it should be respected, as all life should, as our home, the Earth should. But there is no time for respecting our environment and the people around us when we’re bent on pleasing some God in order to not go to hell.

    The Sun doesn’t enstill energy? What have you been smoking?! How the hell do plants grow?! I’m curious wether you’re a meat eater or not…I’ll assume you are since you don’t know first hand how much more energy one gets from eating plants rather than combining them with meat…

    You say religion is good? Then please explain to me how religion is so good for people when this sort of thing happens in the context of Christianity:

    And other people are living a life of hunger and fear on the other side of the Earth.

    Like money and the economy, if religion would be used for what it was created originally (to uphold the truth and not dogma and believeing without questioning) it would all be much simpler, but when something is corrupted to such an extent, its use becomes obsolete.

  14. PRAISE JESUS says:

    WTF is this bullshit, way too many catholic agents online this days.
    who is your sponsore? if you have the balls tell all of us who is your sponsore.

    they released a army of payed catholic christian agents, they starting to lose profit in
    there churches, and panic because they know that the reality of the bibles and true nature
    of man is coming out.

    how long do you think you can get paid? why dont you start doing something to help
    others like santos, rather then take corrupted money to spread lies on decent people.

  15. Bill says:

    I left a post on Santos (Satan) Bonacci’s Facebook page yesterday pointing out the Luciferian aspect of his new age religion and that all the people liking the page or swimming in it’s dribble are being mislead by the NWO agenda. I even left a link there to this page for others to have a look and hopefully see another perspective to their delusional dream.

    Today Bonacci “Liked” the link and posted a simple reply: Matthew 7:5, Brother. For those who don’t know: – King James Version (KJV) Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    I’d like to know your take on this.

  16. unamed one from the heavens says:

    I’m starting to get my reservations about Santos, I’ll admit. He gets some of his planetary correspondences wrong, very wrong especially in Kabbalistic terms of which he only makes oblique references to.
    Santos really ought to do more homework on the alchemical planetary attributes of the tree of life if he wants to make references.
    He rarely shows the planet against the actual scriptural exoteric text in context to its position on the tree of life, including the exoteric biblical corresponding text, which is a major, major error on his part.
    He should write a book and allow other scholars to cross check.

    I agree that he vociferously attacks Christianity as a “hoax” without seeing Christ as the central saviour in both the OT and NT?
    Why does Santos talk of love after the year 2012 then attack the central covenant of the NT, it just doesn’t add up.
    The root of Santos’s study seems to be a hotchpotch of some Egyptian linguistic references with a few planetary correspondences citing in his own words that the 18th dynasty back in Egypt as “an exciting time when it all happened”.
    This of course is pre Christian and falls into Ancient Egyptian study.
    This for readers is around the time when Akhenaten broke away from polytheistic ideas toward a monotheistic version of the solar disk “god” of humanity and bringer of life and warmth/fertility etc.
    The break away from polytheism rattled the then current elite and they killed Akhenaten and destroyed any reference to a one god, loving and connected to all of humanity.
    Polytheism then took hold again which by extension astrotheology is an extension of polytheism and by further extension is paganist as it worships planets, stars and the Sun as “Gods” as/or the “hidden hand” over humanity.
    This of course erases any real “God” and by extension a “Son of God” sent by the “hidden one himself”?

    Jesus seems to be a real thorn in the side of occultists as Jesus is whitewashed along with the reasons behind his fulfilment of a new covenant with the gentiles.

    Santos’ mouth shoots daggers at others calling them “morons” and “idiots” who just can’t quite reach the giddying heights of his “illuminated mind”?

    Some rarely make the linguistic link of Lucifer to “lighter of fire or fire lighter”, “bringer of the light” in context to the helical rising of Sirius at dawn before the dawning of a new day.
    Sirius once a year descends below the horizon line for three days only to reappear just before sunrise after these “missing days of light”. The ancient Egyptians revered Sirius (isis) as part of their pantheon of “Gods” and “Goddesses”.
    Santos should know this, but I haven’t heard him mentions it.
    Sirius is known as the morning star (Sirius) where Christ is known as the evening star (Venus) Venus a reference to the feminine and “love”.
    So why would Santos hate Jesus (love) and Christians?
    Do your own research readers, anyone who hates love obviously hates Christ the central character of the bible in both OT and NT covenant fulfilment?
    Why can’t Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell accept Christ or are they so illuminated as to be brighter than the Son of God?

    One can’t just remove a planet or star without tampering with the whole matrix of the heavens now can one?

    One can’t just omit the central character Christ (monotheist) from the bible lightly and then replace the whole story with astrotheology (polytheist), which is thinly veiled paganism by extension?
    Worshipping planets rather that the unseen force behind the planets seems to negate a creator completely in favour of a narcissistic self loving man-as-God rather than a
    Jesus of course a reference to the latter, giving his life for everyone. Whereas those with limited myopic views seem to think they are God-men?
    Wasn’t it foretold that an antichrist would come in the last days claiming dominion over God itself?

    There is a subtle inference in many of the occult Luciferin apologists i.e. Michael Tsarion for one stumbles verbally over this linguistic territory in favour of justifying Lucifer as somehow a “good guy”, a “misrepresentation” and totally “misunderstood” and by extension promotes the myth of Sirius as the “light of the world”.

    What Tsarion and others like him forget is that Sirius is the brightest star in the “night sky”? In other words we are far from illumination or “day time” in terms of esoteric enlightenment?
    So I’m still waiting for the real light of the world to arrive.

    Astrotheology is a good area to do higher research although I always go back to the original texts of the bible to double check biblical quotes and in context.

    These false messiahs like Tsarion (star of Orion) and Jordan Maxwell (Jordanus maximus) fall into dangerous territory from the outset by changing and renaming names to create new vibrations whilst at the same time obfuscating or wiping Christ out of the picture altogether?
    He’s in the book and he’s bigger and larger than life, he just needs to be acknowledged as greater than all the stars in the heavens.

    Best of luck and keep searching and question everything.
    Love and light

    Jesus is the pentagonal gate of Venus’ march through the heavens.
    Accept it or die.
    This means you Santos bonacci as well?

  17. DCLXVI says:

    Perhaps you should do your research.

    Lucifer = Light Bearer = Morning Star = Venus

    Venus “brings the light” as it precedes the sunrise.

    Your careless rant goes against your supposed neutrality in not being a Christian. To dismiss Bonacci is to dismiss many of the greatest philosophers in the history of humanity.

    I pity your ignorance and think a bit of Luciferian light would be ideal for your path to enlightenment.

  18. fjms says:

    “I am not a Christian, nor am I religious by any stretch of the imagination, however I do believe in God, and I do believe that when you have faith in a creator you are less apathetic”

    Well, personally , i think faith is a personal trait. I have faith when i close my eyes that the world is a great place and if i remain the eyes close even better!
    How many people who have natural faith…just in life and themselves without giving a second thought about GOD?!

    2.5 billion of people are Christian?!! My mother is a christian. And she never read the timeless bible!!! Her “Santos Bonacci´s presentation” were her family…who never read the timeless bible!!! So, i´m a “christian” by family´s inheritance as you can see.

    You say “The bible has yet to be scientifically, historically or otherwise disproved”?! You need the process of questioning taken by science when you have your faith in the Creator?! Timeless is an absolute proven fact of proof, right?!

    I will not say that God doesn´t exists, but i too will not say that God exists! And that doesn´t make me more apathetic, just even more concerned about the truth, and with all due respect seems to me that faith you speak reflects your need for an essence that must precede and fulfill your existence otherwise apathetic as you say.

    About Jesus:

  19. stephen says:

    Heres the thing either A you yourself are a religious fanatic. Or B you are fearful of what Bonacci has to say. What he speaks is very sensible knowledge. Saying that Jesus rised from the dead and walked on water and this and that is almost the ultimate ignorance. Obviously there is a message that no one understands that is in the bible and ancient text. no shit. Catholic school my whole life and it pretty obvious that the bible should not be taken literally. As you are a fool for believing that. How can Bonacci be giving people misinformation? All he does is tell people to not eat the bs processed food and fast foods. he explains not to eat genetically modified. This guy cannot be a misinformant because his message is clearly clearly a positive one. The masons clearly want people to continue to eat theyre bullshit and be mind controlled by the catholic church and consume. Are you blind? Cant you see that the catholic church and the masons are cut from the same cloth? maybe not originally. Clearly the vatican is a business and the literal belief of jesus christ is what your holding onto so tightly and which is why truth hurts u.. He speaks many truths. Sounds like someone is clinging onto there brainwashed religious beliefs. go and read yourself about astrology. clearly all the ancient knowledge is astrology. Its sad people like you are so fearful of the truth and must hang onto the beliefs u were brought up with.

  20. vincenzo says:

    Astrology is blastphemy!!! Astrology is the work of the devil. People will always try to debunk things to hold onto there idea of a heaven in the clouds and jesus looking like fucking cat stevens. I bet Santos dedicated his life to his studies. Clearly he knows more then anyone commenting on this site and he knows more then this fool who created this article. He speaks multiple languages and just from that knowledge is able to trace the origins of words without googling it like this guy. why would he be working for the masons if what he says is the opposite of the teachings of the current catholic church. So your holding on to the blatant teachings of the currupt corporation of the vatican? i know it helps people sleep at night but really? Your gonna blindly believe what the world has been taught about religion. Now if the masons are running the world. Why would the information they give us be the correct information? does that make sense to you fools?

  21. garry. says:

    i thought that there was only 5 vowels in the alphabet, yet you state that there is 6, so why should i read on after this statement, which is at the beginning of your debunking? if you get something like that wrong at the start, why should i read on?

    • Well, if you would have read correctly, you would see that I wrote “in MOST cases, there are 6 vowels to choose from.” Obviously I am referring to the letter Y, as it can be used as a vowel.

  22. I started reading this and I had to stop in the first paragraph after the author tried to explain the etomology of the word hour. So hour came from Hora? Does not Hora sound very similar to Horus? This is a very good example of Cognitive Dissonance.

  23. Johnd says:

    This is a typical example of “truth hurts”.. the knowledge spoken by Santos is not his alone, neither is it all based from a film!.. he uses references and studies from great philosophers, most of which where kicked by your so called CHURCH!!.. Christianity is lie! a false religion FORCED on to the people by the masonic Knights Templars who murdered in the name of GOD “Gold Oil Diamonds”
    This is the religion that stole our true identity! its time to reclaim it!

    • You just mixed up so many historical points I’m not sure what you’re even saying.

      • Braveo, braveo I am a sceince student and I no what is holy and what is not. Santos Bonacci has a wholly hole in his hole head. Ask him about ectoplasms and fradelent physical mediums. He belives in them who does that these days. lol They are muslin draped over wire coat hangers sloshed with egg drippings. All mediums are frauds.


      • kane says:

        A short frase with an ending like that smells fishy to me, an avatar like yours looks strange, commonlyknownasryan doesnt feel right. Im just saying, you are not keeping it simple. Santos will talk more if you let him, while i think that you have said everything you wanted to say, you seem to me as you are sort of on a “mission” to talk. No freedom in your speech, no creativity, no love. As a matter of fact when think about it, to take time and make up these sorts of websites you have to a serious issue. No love just an issue. Lucky simple and bright kane got here on time to stop the shadowcasting. Ill bet you i use more loving words than you do i a debate, ill bet you aswell ill have more darker toughts in an thinking exercise. I THINK IN DONE HERE?

      • That’s why your “loving” comment was full of insult. But nice try :)

  24. Jerrod says:

    Very good blog! Do you have any tips and hints for
    aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or
    go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any ideas? Appreciate it!

    • Thanks for your comment! What I’ve learned hosting this blog is that it really doesn’t matter what your platform is, as long as it suits the character of your blog. The content of the website is what people will be looking at. I prefer WordPress because the website is very easy to use, but I hear Google Blogger is also good too.

  25. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  26. Kristina says:

    This design is incredible! You certainly know how
    to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and
    your videos, I was almost moved to start my own
    blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  27. Purplelight9 says:

    Hmm stop putting people in boxes.
    Let them believe what they wanne believe.
    I agree with awakenedprimate.

  28. Brother Billy Ray says:

    One fact most people don’t know about Santos Bonacci, is that for many years he was a JEHOVAH’S WITNESS. I knew him through friends of friends who were JW’s. Quite a shady character as I recall. He is quite the disinfo agent, be warned!

  29. john says:

    After reading numerous discussions on this in the text above. Some intelligent arguments on both sides. I’m confused what to believe?? Seriously, about 3 times I changed my mind back and forth when reading some of the discussions above. Must learn how to hear the HS within for answers I guess. I’m Trying!!

  30. hairo says:

    Who are you to judge someone who speaks his findings if you dont want to hear os see santos dont type his name in you tube every one can speak what they want that is freedom of speech

    • Oh okay, so Santos is allowed to denounce Christianity and spread lies about the Bible, but I’m not allowed to defend what he Is attacking and expose the flaws in his arguments?

      Seems like you WANT to believe him more, no? :)

  31. TONY says:

    As far as I can tell, Santos Bonacci is not making anyone believe anything. I am always skeptical of people who try to tell me who to watch out for. I am neither a convert or a fan of Bonacci, but I have the right, last time I checked, to watch his videos and read any information he puts out. You claim to be the defender of the weak minded, well, good luck with that. Weak minded people cannot be defended against everything that human beings are constantly being exposed to. You have to check out information before you can make a judgement either way.

    • You have clearly never seen any of Bonacci’s videos if you believe he does not directly attack and spread lies about the Bible. Anyone who has both read the bible and watched Bonacci’s videos will tell you that he definitely directly and indirectly opposes and attacks base teachings of the bible.

  32. Phil Tess says:

    Christians worship the “Sun” of God on “Sun”day where they say Amen, which is short for Amen-Ra the Sun God.

    • This comment is actually a direct quotation of something Bonacci has said in the past.

      The truth is, sunday was never the actual day of worship for Christians. It was Roman pagans who named Sunday. The bible merely says six days of work and one day of rest, never indicating which specific day to rest on. So your sabbath day could be Tuesday. The bible just wants you to reserve one day for rest and for the Lord. The Amen Ra comment is also completely false. Amen is a translation from Hebrew meaning “so be it.”

  33. Astro nut says:

    The first thing I noticed about Santos when explaining astrology is that he uses a backwards chart to give visual aid ie aries in the 12th taurus in the 11th… I don’t know much about luciferianism but isn’t it true that they will use all methods (crosses, pentagrams and so on) but backwards in their teaching? In one video called “The Ancient Theology Occult Science” he quickly makes a harsh comment about how jesus was a false prophet. At first I thought maybe it was because he was siding with jewish beliefs given that he uses a lot of kabbalaistic visual aids but then goes on to preach about the plumed serpent being the Sun and giver of light and life. Oh also one comment he makes which stands out is that the sun is the creator of all.. Glad that other people were questioning his teachings as well. I’m learning astrology so I watch as many videos as possible and stumbled upon his and after the second video have really come to the idea that he may be worshiping “the sun” or the plumed serpent of quetzalcotal.

  34. Mac says:

    This is a great article. I’ve long suspected this about Bonacci and his arguments. The problem with him is that he appeals to people who have prejudices & biases against Catholicism or traditional Christianity, like some atheists, new age people, & evangelical Christians, & uses the anti-Catholic stuff as bait to sell them his agenda. The whole point is to distract people away from the real secret societies and their agenda, which are composed of Zionists and the Jewish occultists, banking elites and social engineers. Israeli diamond merchant & admitted Zionist Eric Phelps (the writer of “Vatican Assassins”) has been doing this for years. At this point institutions like the Catholic Church have been infiltrated by Zionists, but so have pretty much every Christian denomination and western government. Bonacci’s astrotheological arguments break down on greater scrutiny, but can sound persuasive to people who haven’t researched these issues before being bombarded with a ton of his cherry-picked information.

  35. John says:

    What I’ve come to learn in the 18 months or so I’ve been on my spiritual path, is everyone is seeking for truth and and answers to our existence. I watched 20 or 30 hours of Santos when I first started searching, and I was convinced at first. But fundamentally the seeking should start within. Everything begins to make more sense then. Meditation is the most powerful thing in realising truth. I danced around meditation for years, not knowing how to do it correctly. trying half an hour most days on and off. But since I’ve studied it and practiced it a lot more, especially Vipassana, but all body based meditation. Wow. The body starts to dissolve and you start to release all negativities/repressed emotions that you probably have been carrying from childhood. You can become peaceful within any situation, this is what it ultimately leads too. My opinion is all ancient scriptures have truth in them, but also, a lot of mans opinions mixed in with them as well. For example ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’ makes total, total, sense to me now with practicing meditation. When the mind is inward (within) and not projected outside to an object, like in meditation, that is when all the negativities rise to the surface, and purifies/liberates the mind. Also in reference to Christ, that makes total sense now, before the thoughts, feeling, sensation, and perceptions, we have, before all that what is there is just awareness. That is were intuition, and our true creativity comes from. Remaining aware of being aware is the highest form of meditation Anyway the point is you do start to understand life more, and you do get glimpses of oneness between everything that is in existence in relaxed moments when your on this path. I have. It just makes more sense to all the teachings about this. Love everybody, that is the way also. This love you cultivate within yourself through meditation, you just want to share it with everybody you meet. I’m no Bible scholar, but I do know a few of the quotes, and like I said at the beginning I believe there are fundamental truths in a lot of the different ancient scriptures. But within yourself is were the search should start – turn within :). Rupert Spira is a fantastic teacher of non-duality, I listen to him a lot as well as my meditation. Reaffirming the mind and cleansing the body. Just love people, that is all. Everyone is free to believe what they want. Peace! :-)

  36. John says:

    God is within each and everyone of us. Within everything in existence. Turn within. You can’t really turn but let your attention sink within yourselves and not outside. turn inward with the mind.

    William Blake — ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.’

    Good luck people! Love everyone equal. Always forgive.

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